Learn Italian in Arezzo, Tuscany

The medieval plateau town of Arezzo is a remarkable place lying high above sea level. Full of artistic and architectural masterpieces, this cultural haven never fails to amaze the visitor. Arezzo is a beautiful medieval town in Tuscany, between Florence and Rome.

Italian Language School in Arezzo, Tuscany

Location: The Italian language school in Arezzo is located in the center of town on Via Roma and close to the train station.

Facilities: The school has a library and a TV lounge to watch Italian movies.

Teachers: All six of our language teachers hold university degrees and have qualifications and experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language

Homework: Two hours per school day.

Materials: Provided by the school at no extra charge.

School Accreditations

  • We are the first legally recognized Italian language school for foreigners.
  • Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language member - required to comply with strict didactic and professional requirements.
  • Bildungsurlaub: recognized by Germany and Austria as professional training courses.
  • Approved by C.S.N. in Sweden for grant application.

Italian Courses in Arezzo, Tuscany

Booking fee: 75 Euros
Classes per week: Small Group 20h , Group 20h , Individual

Class size: 6 - 12 people, 3 - 5 people, 2 people, and Individual.

Start Dates: Italian language courses in Arezzo begin every Monday.

Includes: Certificate of completion. Ten hours of extracurricular programs per week. The first day of the course can be a trial day, after which, if you are not satisfied all tuition can be refunded. This offer only applies to the first day.

Specialized: Italian for Business, marketing and industry, Italian for matriculation to Italian universities, Italian for cooking and wine tasting, Italian for tourism industry, Italian for art history, Italian literature, Italian for architecture, Italian for medicine, translation, Italian language teaching.

Arezzo Italian Course Fees (Euros)

Weeks Standard Group
(20 hrs)
Small Group
(20 hrs)
Individual Course Two-Person Course
30 hrs - 999 (3 hrs/day for 2 weeks or 6 hrs/day for 1 week)
924 per 30 hrs thereafter.
30 hrs - 719 per person
(3 hrs/day for 2 weeks or 6 hrs/day for 1 week)
644 pp per 30 hrs thereafter.
1 301 458
2 490 781
3 680 1103
4 834 1373
6 1213 2009
8 1517 2525
12 2200 3685
16 2883 n/a
24 4249 7167

Language learning and cultural activities

Our city contains famous Roman ruins and the museum is full of wonderful examples of ancient art from this and other periods. An antique fair happens every month, which attracts 20, 000 people a year. Piazza Grande is in the medieval heart of the city. On the first Sunday of June and September, ancient local traditions and culture are reenacted during La Giostra. You can see knights on horseback joust each other as well as other period events, costume and culture. You can enjoy the quiet unspoiled beauty of our town, and yet be in the bustle of Florence in 45 minutes by train.

Accommodation in Arezzo, Tuscany

Options: Home stay, Shared apartment, Private apartment, Hotel.

Type: Single, Double.

Description: Fully equipped accomodation options all centrally located.

Meals: No meals provided with any of our accomodation options.

Travel time to school: 5-15 minutes walk.

Airport pickup: No

Accommodation Fees (Euros)

  Home stay/Shared Flat
(with kitchen)
Home stay (no kitchen) Shared Flat (private bath) Private Flat
Hotel 2/3 stars Hotel 3/4 stars
  Sngl Dbl Sngl Dbl Sngl Dbl One Two Single Double Single Double
1 day n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 70 - 95 95 - 125 80 - 145 125 - 200
1 week 123 90 103 70 153 105 290 - 320 350 - 400 n/a n/a n/a n/a

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