Learn Italian in Rome

Once the center of a reigning Empire, Rome today remains one of the world’s most historical and impressive cities. Boasting renowned places around every corner, the art, history and culture of Rome is prevalent throughout the city. This beautiful city is over 2, 700 years old and has become one of the most popular locations to learn Italian in Italy.

Italian Language School in Rome

Location: The Italian language school in Rome is located in the historic heart of Rome, in the unique neighborhood of Monti, and within walking distance of the Fori, the Colosseum, Via Nazionale and the Central Railway Station. Two major train stops are very close to the school. 

Facilities: Library, video room and internet facilities are available for the students in the afternoon. There is a large café in the school's building, where we hold Italian wine tastings.

Teachers: All are native speakers and are well qualified to teach Italian as a second language.

Materials: Included with the price of tuition.


School Accreditations


  • Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language member - required to comply with strict didactic and professional requirements.
  • Bildungsurlaub: recognized by Germany and Austria as professional training courses.
  • Member of ELITE (European Federation of Associations for Teaching Mother Tongue to Foreign Students).
  • Included in the list of schools of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Italian Courses in Rome

Booking fee: 115 Euros
Classes per week: Group 10h , Group 20h , Group 30h , Group 20+10h , Individual

Course Duration: Individual - up to you; Group - two week minimum.

Class Length: 55 minutes.

Class size: Maximum of 12.

Start Dates 2010: Group courses to learn Italian in Rome begin on – Jan 10* & 24, Feb 7* & 21, Mar 7* & 21*, Apr 4* & 18, May 2* & 16, Jun 13, July 4* & 18, Aug 1*, 16 & 29*, Sept 12 & 26*, Oct 10 & 24*, Nov 7 & 21*, Dec 5 (2 week course only). (* indicates start dates for beginners). Private lessons can be started on any day.

Includes: We organize activities free of charge: parties, Italian movies with introductory remarks, lectures, lunches with teachers, nights out on the town, wine tasting at the school, guided tours by an art historian. We can offer discounts at theatres, restaurants, opera, concerts, and sports-clubs. We can also provide an enrollment certificate for visa purposes.

Specialized: Italian art history, Italian for business, CILS and IT exam preparation, Italian opera singing and music, Cooking courses, Vacation courses in Tuscany.

Rome Italian Course Fees (Euros)

Weeks Standard
(20 hrs)
Combined Individual
(20+10hrs) (20+5hrs) (10 hrs) (20 hrs) (30 hrs)
1 n/a n/a n/a 410 710 975
2 445 980 735 710 1200 1800
3 605 1315 1025 900 1800 2700
4 730 1670 1270 1200 2400 3600
5 890 n/a n/a 1500 3000 4500
6 975 n/a n/a 1800 3600 5200
8 1295 n/a n/a 2400 4800 7200
12 1530 n/a n/a 3600 7200 10800
24 2870 n/a n/a 7200 14400 21600

Language learning and cultural activities

Rome’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage hardly needs mentioning. You’ll have no problem amusing and edifying yourself with all the sights the city has to offer - the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the museums with works by Raphael, Botticelli, Pinturicchio and Bellini, to name but a few. However, Rome is also a dynamic and modern city with lively markets and excellent shopping areas, restaurants and nightlife. Our school organizes many free of charge activities: parties, Italian movies with introductory remarks, lectures, lunches with teachers, nights out on the town, wine tasting at the school, guided tours by an art historian. Living with an Italian family provides many opportunities to experience the local culture and is an important part of your experience at the school.

Accommodation in Rome

Options: Home stay, Shared apartment, Residence.

Type: Single, Double.

Description: All apartments include the use of the kitchen. The bathroom can be either private or shared with the owner of the apartment (home stay option). Our flats are all carefully selected by the school and referenced.

Meals: No meals.

Travel time to school: Usually 5 minutes walk but no more than 30 minutes by bus.

Airport pickup: €40.

Accommodation Fees

Please contact us with your option choices and requirements and we will provide a quote. Fees are usually between 480 - 550 Euros per month

For a great selection of places to stay with discount prices visit Rome Hotels for more information.

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