Learn Italian in Taormina

Taormina, the most beautiful town in Sicily, is an old hilltop city full of history and culture by the sea. Taormina is famous for its beauty, its incredible heritage in history, archaeology and architecture, as well as for its reputation in welcoming those who come here to learn Italian.

Italian Language School in Taormina

Location: The Italian language school in Taormina is located in the center of town with beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Mount Etna from most of the classrooms. Our building faces the community tennis courts and gardens.

Facilities: The rooftop terrace and student lounge feature astounding views. We have free internet and wi-fi, a library, air conditioned classrooms, and audio-visual equipment.

Teachers: All have university degrees and credentials in teaching Italian as a second language. Most speak one or two foreign languages, and they all participate in continuing education.

Materials: Included in course tuition.

Italian School Accreditations

  • Authorized by University for foreigners of Perugia as an exam center for CELI exam - Certificato di Lingua Italiana. The CELI exam conforms to the European standards set by ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe - and by the Council of Europe.
  • University "Ca' Foscari" of Venice as official Teacher Training Centre for teachers in ITALS University Master for Teachers of Italian as Foreign Language.
  • Authorized by CSN (Swedish National Agency for Higher education) to apply for Swedish students loans.
  • Authorized by Bildungsurlaub in Hamburg for learning vacations and educational and training holidays.
  • Member of A.S.I.L.S. - Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language.
  • Member of I.A.L.C. - International Association of Language Centers.
  • Member of NAFSA - Association of International Educators.

Italian Courses in Taormina

Booking fee: 75 Euros
Classes per week: Individual , Group 20h , Group 30h , Group 25h , Group 20+5h

Type: Individual, Two-person group, Group, Combined (group/individual).

Classes per week: Individual and Two person group – up to you; Group – 10, 20, 30; Combined – 20 + 5.

Course Duration: One week minimum.

Lessons: 55 minutes.

Class size: Maximum of 10.

Start Dates: You can start to learn Italian in Taormina any Monday is you are already at least an elementary level. Absolute beginners must start on the following dates; Jan 3, 17 & 31, Feb 14 & 28, Mar 14 & 28, Apr 4 & 18, May 2, 16 & 30, June 6 & 20, July 4 & 18, Aug 1, 16 & 29, Sept 5 & 19, Oct 3 & 17, Nov 14 & 28, Dec 5 (school closed Dec 16 - Jan 3). 

Includes: Certificate of completion, student card that gives you discounts, extracurricular cultural activities such as walks, lectures, cinema, games and lectures on a variety of culturally related topics, student insurance, free internet access (DSL and wireless), assessment test.

College Credit: Available through Elon University, NC; Montclair State University, NJ; Auburn University, AL; Temple University, PA; New Hampshire University, NH.

Specialized: Italian plus cooking, Italian plus pottery, Italian plus diving, Italian plus hiking, Italian plus biking, Italian plus golf, Italian literature, Italian art history, Italian history, Club 50+, Executive Italian courses, Commercial writing in Italian, CELI exam prep. The school offers a wine tasting for beginners course covering 6 lessons of 90 minutes each over 2 weeks. Also provided is a course in ‘Products of Sicily’ – wine, oil and cheese. This includes 3 lessons of 90 minutes each over one week.

Taormina Italian Course Fees (Euros)

Weeks Group (hrs) Combination
Individual (hrs) Two Person Group (hrs)
10 20 30 10 15 20 10 15 20
1 205 270 435 440 445 630 815 595 855 1115
2 335 465 795 805 815 1185 1555 1115 1635 2155
3 435 595 1060 1035 1185 1740 2295 1635 2415 3195
4 535 725 1360 1340 1555 2295 3035 2155 3195 4235
6 735 985 2000 1950 2295 3405 4515 3195 4755 6315
8 935 1170 2640 2650 3035 4515 5995 4235 6315 8395
12 1260 1690 3920 3780 4515 6735 8995 6315 9435 N/A
24 2460 3250 7760 7440 8955 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Language learning and cultural activities

Taormina is an incredible exercise in historic discovery. It’s narrow stair cased streets and small attractive squares reveal you'll find a gymnasium and theatres and from the Greek age, baths and Odeon from the Roman era, beautiful buildings melding the Arab and Norman architecture, hints of the Byzantine domination and gorgeous villas which belonged to the European aristocracy in the 18th and 19th centuries. The town offers many restaurants, bars, and discos to satisfy the more modern urges. We organize many free extracurricular cultural activities such as walks, cinema, games and lectures on a variety of culturally related topics. We also organize excursions and trips not included in tuition; for instance dinners, trips around Sicily, theatre and concert performances and guided tours. Living with an Italian family provides many opportunities to experience the local culture and is an important part of your experience at the school, should you choose this option.

Accommodation in Taormina

Options: Shared apartment, Private studio apartment, Pension, Home stay.

Type: Single, Double (for people traveling together only).

Description: Shared apartment – private room and shared kitchen and bath; Private studio apartment – consisting of one bedroom and private kitchen and bathroom, are provided with bed linen, towels, fridge, oven, TV, heating, crockery; Home stay – single or double room with an Italian family, no private bathroom, only breakfast or half board or full-board option; bed linen and towels are provided by the family and changed weekly;

Meals: Full board, Half board, Breakfast only, No meals.

Travel time to school: 15-20 minutes walk.

Airport pickup: 65 Euros one-way, 120 round trip.

Accommodation Fees (Euros)

Shared Student Apartment Independent Apartment Home stay Pensions
Single Double Single Double B & B Half-Board Full-Board Single Double
Single Double Single Double Single Double
22 16 35 17.50 28 21 38 31 48 41 30 25

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