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Arabic language (Arabic. باللغة العربية‎‎, al-luġa al-ʿ arabiyya) belongs to a Semitic branch of an afrasian family of languages. The number of native speakers the Arabic language and its dialects makes about 240 million for which Arabic is a native language, and about 50 million more people are used by Arab as the second language. Classical Arabic is the Koran language and is restrictedly used in the religious purposes by adherents of Islam worldwide (the total number of 1,57 billion people).
Writing on the basis of the Arab alphabet. One of six official and working languages of General assembly and other bodies of the United Nations (UN). Official language of all Arab countries (in Iraq along with Kurdish). Besides, is one of official languages of Israel, Chad, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia and the Comoro Islands.

FLW schools of Arabic in the countries:

  • Tunisia

    Number of locations: 1

    Country's population: over 11 million

    Country's area: 163,610 km²

    Summer temperature: from 20 to 35 C

    Winter temperature: from 5 to 20 C

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