Learn Spanish in Argentina

Argentina’s delightful elegance and sophistication, combined with spectacular landscapes and architecture, have helped create a country uniquely gifted with a passion for all things pleasurable. Learn Spanish in Argentina, the largest Spanish speaking country in South America, and encounter a nation with a real zest for life. We offer Spanish courses at three leading Spanish schools in Argentina.

Our Spanish courses in Argentina should appeal to those who benefit from varied teaching techniques designed to suit varying learning styles. This classroom dynamic results in active lessons where your input is an essential ingredient for successful language learning.

Naturally, we all have similar yet different learning styles and the teaching methods on all our Spanish courses take account of this. Our structured lessons utilize recognized language learning techniques in order for you to progress rapidly and effectively.

Our Argentina Spanish courses are lively and you can expect to speak Spanish in simulated real life exchanges, in role-plays, pair work, discussions, games and interviews.

Of course, activation techniques need to be introduced and typical language contexts explored, but even this is made to be as communicative as possible through elicitation and repetition drills. We care about your Spanish language development and our technique shows results you can measure on a daily basis.


  • Buenos Aires

    City's population: 2.9 million

    Course duration: from 1 week to 10 weeks

    Enrollment fee: 150 USD

    Course fee: from 245 USD

    Accommodation: from 215 USD per week

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  • Bariloche

    City's population: 108,000

    Course duration: from 1 week to 8 weeks

    Enrollment fee: 100 USD

    Course fee: from 195 USD

    Accommodation: from 95 USD per week

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  • Esquina

    City's population: 26,400

    Course duration: from 1 week to 8 weeks

    Enrollment fee: 100 USD

    Course fee: from 220 USD

    Accommodation: from 110 USD per week

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