Learn Japanese in Fukuoka

The prefecture Fukuoka is part of Kyushu, the big island to the South from the island of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Near both mainlands of China and Korea, it is important transport knot connecting Japan with other part of Asia and beyond its limits.

The City of Fukuoka is the capital of Fukuoka prefecture , and has the population about 1,5 million people. It is located on the coast of Sea of Japan (also called East sea), and is perfectly protected from typical elements of the Japanese weather. That means our students can expect earthquakes and typhoons to be very rare,  summer to be warm, and people to be friendly. Who knows whether this nice local personality is connected to such a mild weather or not.

Fukuoka is known for its cuisine. The city has more restaurants per person, than somewhere else in Japan. Nice weather, perfect cuisine and the warm-hearted people will make your stay in Fukuoka a pleasure. Locals are always glad to help you even if yours Japanese is not perfect.
Fukuoka has numerous art galleries, museums and theaters which will give you the taste of Japanese arts. In addition we can mention that the night life here is the best on the island.

Fukuoka is perfect of its location convenience - the international airport is in only 10 minutes by the subway from the downtown, and it is only 10 minutes by bus or bicycle to the nearest beach. The well-known Japanese passenger express will take you to Tokyo in about five hours. You will definetely enjoy studying Japanese in our Fukuoka school.

Japanese Language School in Fukuoka

School Facilities:

13 classrooms, maximum 120 students
Classrooms are equipped with DVD players, stereos, whiteboards, and are fully air-
Average classroom size: about 4m x 3.5m
Internet access: Multiple computers with Internet, Japanese study software and office
applications are provided exclusively for student use, and free wireless Internet is available
for students with their own laptops.
There is an Internet café 100 meters from the school, open 24 hours.
Phone: There are no payphones in school, and students cannot use the school telephone
for personal calls. Students must rent a cellphone, or use payphones outside the school.
Other facilities:
Large student lounge area, with TV, movie projector, videogames, manga/anime library,
free coffee and tea, etc.
Free DVD/CD rentals, textbook library available.
Disabled student access: No wheelchair access. The school is on the second floor, and only
reachable by stairs.

Japanese Courses in Fukuoka

Booking fee: ¥10,750
Classes per week: Group 20h , Group 25h , Group 26h , Individual

Maximum 7 students per class.
Average number of students per class: Low season: 4. High season (July/August): 6
All students are placed in a class at the appropriate ability level, regardless of whether
other students are there or not. So, if a student is the only person at his/her Japanese
ability level, we provide private classes for that student. In this case, the total number of
class hours will be reduced.
Teachers speak English as well as Japanese. We use this to simplify study, by explaining
in English where absolutely necessary, or relating Japanese grammar to English grammar.
This is especially useful at the lower ability levels.
Classes focus on practical communication skills first and foremost. Speaking and listening
are given highest priority.

Courses available:

  • Standard Japanese (20 lessons per week)
  • Japanese Plus Conversation (25 lessons per week)
  • Japanese Plus Traditional Culture (26 lessons per week)
  • Japanese Plus Pop Culture (26 lessons per week)
  • Japanese Plus Activities (26 lessons per week)

 Course fee (In Japanese Yen)

Course type  Weekly tuition
 Standard Course  ¥32,500
 Plus Courses  ¥41,000

Other costs

Type of payment fee
 Private class  ¥6,500 per class
 High season surcharge  ¥3,250 per week

Note: Plus tuition applies to the following courses: Japanese Plus Conversation, Japanese Plus Traditional Culture, Japanese Plus Pop Culture, Japanese Plus Activities

High season surcharge applies to any week starting in July and August.

Language learning and cultural activities

Generally, 6-8 extra-curricular activities are held per week.
Example cultural activities:
Trip to local "onsen" hot springs 700 yen
Overnight trip (includes transport, accommodation, entry to hot springs, cultural activities, and food) 12,500 yen
Day trip 7,000 yen
Movie night - big-screen movies at the school free
Japanese game night - learn traditional games such as hanafuda free
Beach barbecue 3000 yen
Floating restaurant where you catch your own fish ~3,500 yen
Street stall dining (a local specialty) ~2,000 yen
Karaoke competition ~1,500 yen
Beer factory tour 500 yen
Japanese Tea ceremony experience class 3,150 yen
Calligraphy class for beginners 3,150 yen
Making soba (Japanese noodles) 1,500 yen
Kimono fitting 3,1500 yen
Tour a manga art school free
Cherry-blossom viewing party, with food and drink 1000 yen

Accommodation in Fukuoka

Student accommodation information is generally provided to the agency about a month in
advance of the student’s start date.
1. Homestay with a Japanese family
2. Private room in guesthouse/residence
3. Private room in a shared apartment
4. Private apartment
All options offer a private room.

Accommodation fees (In Japanese Yen)

  Weekly Extra night Details
Private Homestay  ¥14,000  ¥2,000  Including breakfast. Dinner is ¥500 per night.
 Private Residence  ¥13,000  ¥1,900  All rooms are private with private bathrooms.
 Private Apartment  ¥24,000  ¥3,500  Walking distance to school. Two-person apartment are also available.
 Shared Apartment  ¥10,000  ¥1,500  Private rooms, apartment is shared with Japanese person.

Placement fee: ¥9,500

Airport pickup: ¥6,000 each way.

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