Learn Russian in Russia

Russia is a proud, strong and friendly country. Despite the two severe wars and multi-million mass genocide it went through the country is the absolute world's leader of the size of its territory and the amount of its natural resources, like gas, oil, charcoal, diamonds, wood, fish and many others. And all this treasure belongs to less than 150 million of its citizens. Besides Russians themselves many minorities have been living in Russia as one big family for many centuries. The biggest minorities are Ukrainians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Yakuts, Buryats and many others and so many different languages are spoken in Russia whilst Russian is an official language in Russia. During the Soviet time the military industry was mainly supported by government and that's why Russia a world's leader in the military and airspace production. Soyuz rocket is nowadays the "Space taxi" to transport multinational crew of astronauts into Space and in fact everybody willing to pay about 20 million dollars for a Space tour.


  • Moscow

    City's population: more than 12 million

    Course duration: from 1 week to 1 year

    Enrollment fee: 175 Euros

    Course fee: from 285 Euros

    Accommodation: from 195 Euros per week

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  • Samara

    City's population: 1.4 million

    Course duration: from from 1 week to 1 year

    Enrollment fee: 150 Euros

    Course fee: from 265 Euros

    Accommodation: from 35 Euros per day

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