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Map of Russian languageRussian is the state and official language in the following states: Russia, Belarus (along with Belarusian), partially recognized in South Ossetia (along with Ossetia) and the Dniester Moldovan Republic (along with Moldavian and Ukrainian).
Russian is considered official language of a few public institutions in the following states: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, partially recognized Abkhazia. In some administrative units of Moldova, Romania and Norway (Spitsbergen) Russian is recognized as one of regional or local official languages.
In a number of the countries and territories Russian has some official functions. So, in Tajikistan Russian is "language of international communication" under the constitution and is officially used in lawmaking. In Uzbekistan Russian is used in notarial bodies and bodies of the REGISTRY OFFICE.
Russian had the state or official status also in a number of the historical states. Russian is also official or working language in a number of the international organizations, them treat: UN and its some affiliated organizations like OSCE, CIS, SCO, EurAsEC and others. Russian is considered not easy for learning because of its difficult grammar system. Russians call Russian the Great and Powerful and if you speak good Russian you likely deserve nice and friendly attitude among Russians.

FLW schools of Russian in the countries:

  • Russia

    Number of locations: 2

    Country's population: 145 million

    Country's area: 17,098,242 km²

    Summer temperature: from 10 to 40 C

    Winter temperature: from 0 to -50 C

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Facts about Russian

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