Learn French in Annecy

Annecy is a nice town with canals and old buildings in French Alps. You will enjoy studying French and the city's unique medieval atmosphere. It's four hours away from Paris by train. This town is popular for the French to visit so be sure you will have opportunity to practice your French with the French people from different locations.

French Language School in Annecy

Location: A commanding view of the lake, less than three kilometers from the old city of Annecy.

Teachers: All are certified and experienced in teaching French as a second language.


French School Accreditations


  • Member of the FLE association of quality assurance.

French Courses in Annecy

Booking fee: 75 Euros
Classes per week: Group 20h , Group 30h , Small Group 10h , Combined 35h , Individual , Group 10h

Type: Group, DELF-DALF.

Classes per week: 20 (15hr courses - 3hr DELF/DALF preparation - 2hr outside activities). 17 (15hr courses - 2hr outside activities). 15 (15hr courses). 3 (3hr DELF/DALF preparation).

Class size: Maximum of 12.

Start Dates: French courses in Annecy for absolute beginners start at the beginning of each course (Jan 3, April 4, July 4, August 1, September 5, October 3). If you already know some basic French you may start any Monday.

Includes: Between 2 and 5 hours a week of cultural activities such as cooking classes, trips to museums and the cinema, wine and cheese tasting, hiking, etc.

French Course Fees (Euros)

Jan 4-Mar 19
Apr 6-Jun 18
Oct 4-Dec 17
(in weeks)
Standard Group (20hrs/wk)
Standard Group
(17 hrs/wk)
Standard Group
(15 hrs/wk)
Standard Group
(3 hrs/wk)
11 1675 1415 1155 385
8 1325 1135 1005 -
7 1165 1035 915 -
6 1085 935 825 -
5 965 830 735 -
4 845 725 645 -
3 665 575 510 -
2 545 472 420 -
1 375 330 295 -


July 5 - 30
Aug 2 - 27
Sept 6 - 24
(in weeks)
Standard Group (20hrs/wk) Standard Group (15 hrs/wk)
July/Aug Sept July/Aug Sept
4 815   635  
3 635 635 500 500
2 545 545 410 410
1 335 335 255 255-

Language learning and cultural activities

Our town has a magical setting next to Lake Annecy and at the base of the Alps. It has been named the Venice of the Alps, due to the network of canals that slice through the old town. You can visit the medieval castle and prison that dominates the town, enjoy the magnificent cuisine peculiar to our region, take a trip to the nearby dramatic river gorge or partake in the many sports available, such as skiing, sailing, hiking and climbing. The school organizes between 2 and 5 hours a week of cultural activities such as cooking classes, trips to museums and the cinema, wine and cheese tasting, hiking, etc. Living with a French family provides the best cultural interaction and language practice available, should you choose this option.

Accommodation in Annecy

Options: Home stay, Shared apartment, Private apartment.

Type: Single.

Description: Home stay – Private room, breakfast only and half board. Shared apartment – private single room, shared bathroom and kitchen (bring your own utensils), no meals; Private apartment – fully furnished, fully equipped kitchenette, phone, no meals.

Meals: No meals, Breakfast only, Half board.

Travel time to school: Within walking distance.

Airport pickup: From Geneva - €15.


Accommodation Fees (Euros)



Shared apartment Private apartment Home stay – breakfast only Home stay - half board
1 month 325 From 480 From 460 From 615


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