Learn English in London

There isn’t much you can say about London that hasn't already been said. This classic city is recognized worldwide for its greatness. From Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square, the shopping, the restaurants, the trendy bars and clubs. You can pay a visit to Mr. Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson at 221b Baker street or you can touch the world's history in the British Museum where they have been storing thing from all the six continents for ages. Join our English courses in London and seize a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed.

English Language School in London

Location: The English language school in London is locatedin the center of the city in its most famous shopping district, Oxford Street. The school is close to many of the city’s most famous sights, such as the British Museum and the London Eye. The neighborhood is full of cafes and restaurants, and we are close to Soho, with its world famous entertainment and nightlife.

Facilities: In our newly renovated building, we have 12 up to date and roomy classrooms, a computer room with free internet access, wi-fi and a coffee bar.

Teachers: Language teachers are all qualified which is a requirement for the British Council. Over 50% of the teachers are also diploma qualified which is the highest qualification. The average time working at the school in London is over 6 years and average experience teaching is over 8 years.

  • Accredited by the British Council.

English Courses in London

Booking fee: 115 GBP
Classes per week: Individual , Group 15h , Group 30h

Course Duration: Individual – up to you; Group - one-week minimum.

Class size: Maximum of 16.

Start Dates: English courses in London begin every Monday.

Includes: Program of cultural and entertainment activities; Cinema, pronunciation and conversation clubs.

Specialized: Cambridge, IELC and IELTS exam prep, Business English, Academic year program.

London English Course Fees (GBP)

Group 15 Group 30 Individual
Weeks 9: 00 – 12:00 12: 00 – 15:00 15: 00 – 18:00 9: 00 – 15:00 12:00 – 18:00
1 190 174 140 270 250 From 40 per hour plus 75 booking fee.
2 280 260 195 420 390
3 370 330 255 560 515
4 435 390 320 665 610
8 700 605 515 975 895
12 910 775 665 1300 1190
16 1140 935 805 1735 1585
24 1455 1190 1325 2595 2365
48 2255 1775 1475 4055 3695

Language learning and cultural activities

London is famous for its history, museums and galleries such as St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London. Another popular attraction is the world’s largest Ferris wheel right on the bank of the River Thames, providing an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of the city. The surrounding areas of London also offer numerous opportunities for sight seeing, such as Windsor Castle, Eton College, Hampton Court Palace, and many others.  Our school organizes trips and excursions to London’s interesting districts, picnics in the parks, museum and theatre trips, and excursions to places like Stonehenge, Scotland, and Paris. Some of these activities involve additional fees. All excursions are accompanied to guide you and to offer language support. Living with an English family provides the best cultural interaction and language practice available, should you choose this option.

Accommodation in London

Options: Home stay, Student Residence, Studio apartment.

Type: Single, Double, Shared.

Description: Home stay – No meals, breakfast only or half board, 45 to 60 minutes to school by public transport, single and double rooms, rooms are cleaned regularly, shared bathroom (some en suite available), laundry service sometimes available; Student residence – private single room, shared bath, 40 minutes to school by public transport, coin-operated laundry, bedding provided, no meals; Studio apartment – no meals, pod shower/bathroom, kitchenette, desk, wardrobe, TV and wi-fi sometimes available, communal gym, internet area, and lounge, utilities included; Hostel – free wi-fi, TV room, lounge, study room, laundry facilities, garden, shared bedrooms and bathroom.
Meals: No meals, breakfast only, half board.

Travel time to school: Between 15 and 60 minutes by public transportation.Studio apartments 30 minutes walk or 15 minutes by bus. Notting Hill Hostel 20 minutes by tube.

Airport pickup: £80-95.


Home Stay Per Week Residence Studio Apartment
Half Board Breakfast Only No Meals No Meals No Meals
Single Double Single Double Single Double Single Single
130 - 220 100 - 120 110 - 190 85 - 100 90 - 190 80 - 90 115
per week
per month

40 additional booking fee applies to all accommodation options.

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