Learn Italian in Florence

Florence, above all else, is a city of art and the capitol of the Renaissance. Beyond that, this riverside city nestled in the mountains offers some of the tastiest food, rousing live music, lavish gardens, and stunning Tuscan architecture in all of Italy. Should you choose to learn Italian in Florence, you will build your language skills and tantalize your cultural taste buds in one of the finest cities in all of Italy.

Italian Language School in Florence

Location: The Italian language school in Florence is located in the historical heart of the city, a neighborhood home to banks and world famous fashion boutiques. Many famous monuments, museums, the cathedral, and railway station are all within walking distance of us.

Facilities: The school occupies the third floor (accessible by lift) of a 19th century bourgeois palace that has been renovated recently. On the top floor of the building, there is a wonderful terrace with magnificent views of Florence and where the school often organizes dinner parties, holds classes, or you can just sit and relax. When rooms are not being used for classes, students can use them to watch movies or study.

Teachers: All language teachers are native speakers of Italian and have a university degree. They are experienced in teaching Italian as a second language and participate in continuing education.

Materials: Included in course tuition.

School Accreditations

  • Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Italian Courses in Florence

Booking fee: 75 Euros
Classes per week: Group 20h , Group 25h , Group 30h , Individual

Lessons: 55 minutes.

Class size: Maximum of 12; Average of 8.

Start Dates: Begin your course to learn Italian in Florence any Monday except for absolute beginners who have to start on the following dates: Jan 10, Feb 6, Mar 7, Apr 4, May 2, Jun 20, July 4 & 18, Aug 1 & 16, Sept 12 & 26, Oct 31, Nov 28.

Includes: Several free extracurricular activities per month at the school, including lectures on history of Florence and Italy, Italian music, group games, Italian movies, and international dinners. The staff at the language school is always available to students for help with issues that come up while at the school. We also keep you updated concerning cultural events happening in Florence and Italy, and we have a free booking service for Florentine museums. A teacher is available once a week for an hour in the afternoon to deal with questions specifically concerning vocabulary and grammar. We provide a map and information booklet for Florence, attendance certificate and postage fees.

Specialized: Cooking, Business Italian, Italian Fashion, Art history and Painting. CILS exam prep.

Florence Italian Course Fees (Euros)

Weeks Group Combined Individual (per hour)
(10 hrs) (20 hrs) (30 hrs) (20+5) (20 +10) (30 +5)
1 n/a 255 325 395 525 465 1 - 15 hrs: 30
16 - 30 hrs: 28
31+: 26
(plus 75 booking fee)
2 n/a 375 495 645 895 765
3 n/a 495 655 895 1245 1045
4 375 575 815 990 1515 1295
8 655 960 1440 1980 2955 2515
12 860 1400 2140 2970 4395 3735
16 1140 1840 2840 3960 5835 4955
20 1820 2280 3540 4950 7275 6175
24 2100 2720 4340 5940 8715 7395

Language learning and cultural activities

Florence is the best place to study Italian. It is the birthplace of the language itself and, therefore, the place where the language is the most pure. The city has an amazingly deep and rich artistic and cultural heritage and is less than an hour from towns such as Pisa, Arezzo, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Pienza, Cortona, Volterra and the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. Florence is also famous for its cuisine, nightlife, parks and gardens, and fashion designers. Living with an Italian family provides many opportunities to experience the local culture and is an important part of your experience at the school, should you choose this option.

Accommodation in Florence

Options: Home stay, Private or shared apartment, Hotel.

Type: Single, Double.

Description: Home stay - furnished single/double room, use of kitchen, breakfast only, or half board (with half board option you get cleaning, linen change and laundry service); Shared apartment - furnished single/double room, access to the kitchen, bed linen provided; Private apartment - one to three bedrooms, air conditioning, TV, phone, washing machine, etc. available upon request; Hotel - one to four bedrooms, private bath, breakfast included.

Meals: Half board, Breakfast only, No meals.

Travel time to school: Within 15 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by bus.

Airport pickup: €35.

Accommodation Fees (Euros)

Weeks Shared apartment or home stay
(no meals)
Home stay
(break fast)
Home stay 
Hotel Private Apartment
(utilities included)
Single Double per person Single Double per person Single Double per person Single Double per room 1 room 2 rooms
1 140 110 160 120 30 per day 26 per
*1 star    
2 240 200 280 240 30 - 50 60 - 80
3 340 280 400 340 ** 2 star
4 420 340 500 420 40 - 70 70 - 100
*** 3 star
60 - 90 90 - 130
**** 4 star 800 1400
80 - 120 120 - 170

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