Learn Italian in Verona

Verona was the setting for one of the most romantic love stories ever told, Romeo and Juliet. The town captures the essence of the traditional way of life mixed with modern times, allowing a romantic nostalgia to coexist with the everyday hustle and bustle. The extraordinary food, wine, and music also continue to delight the senses making Verona a wonderful location to learn Italian.

Italian Language School in Verona

Location: The Italian language school in Verona is located in the middle of Verona, near Castello Scaligero, close to the main square, Piazza Brà, and the Arena. Despite it being located in the center of town, the school has a very serene environment.

Facilities: Our modern and well lit classrooms are all air conditioned. We have free-internet and WiFi, a video room, a piano and music room, a reading room with current books, magazines, and newspapers. Our students have access to a 20-seat language laboratory. Also on the premises there is a bar for use during class breaks a cafeteria for moderately priced noon meals.

Teachers: All native speakers who hold university degrees and are qualified to and experienced in teaching Italian as a second language. 

Materials: Provided by the school at no extra charge.


School Accreditations


  • Accredited by AIL (Italian Language Academy). We are therefore able to administer the “Firenze” exam, which is a highly regarded credential of Italian language competency.
  • Bildungsurlaub: recognized by Germany and Austria as professional training courses.
  • Approved by C.S.N. in Sweden for grant application.


Italian Courses in Verona

Booking fee: 145 Euros
Classes per week: Group 10h , Group 20h , Group 30h , Individual , Small Group 10h

Lessons: 60 minutes.

Class size: Average of four to eight. Maximum of 12.

Start Dates: : Individual programs can start any day. Groups start on Mondays.  Absolute beginners should start on the following dates:  Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 11, May 9, June 6, July 4, Aug 1 & 29, Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 21.

Includes: Administrative assistance (e.g. student visa application), student card which provides discounts at local vendors, and free wireless internet are also included.

Specialized: Italian Art History, History of Italian Language and Literature, Italian Business in the Global Economy, History of Italian Opera, History of Italian Theatre, History of Italian Cinema, Course on Italian Song, Language and techniques in photography, Human Figure Drawing, The Art of Fresco, Water color Painting.

College Credit: Offered through University of Illinois, University of British Columbia and Macquarie University.

Verona Italian Course Fees (Euros)

Weeks Combined Group (hrs) Individual (hrs)
(23+5) (23+8) (15) (19) (23) 10 20 30
1 505 596 305 329 352 405 715 975
2 803 951 439 477 513 Extra lessons - 34
3 1069 1271 542 594 640
4 1314 1563 647 704 767
8 2452 2930 1172 1290 1402
12 3691 4418 1701 1874 2037
24 7206 8640 3188 3306 3828
Extra 329 398 144 156 173

Language learning and cultural activities

Verona has a deep and rich history including interesting Roman and Renaissance periods. Verona’s Opera Festival is one of the most important festivals in Europe, and occurs every year in the Arena from June through September. The city also hosts jazz and Shakespeare festivals as well as a ballet season in the summer. There are film festivals and theatre seasons as well as museums and art galleries to see. The food and wine of the region also have a stellar reputation. The setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, no one can escape the romantic charm of this historic city. In most of our courses we provide a free two hour weekly excursion to take advantage of the culture our city has to offer. Living with an Italian family provides many opportunities to experience the local culture and is an important part of your experience at the school, should you choose this option.

Accommodation in Verona

Options: Home stay, Furnished apartment, Residence.

Type: Single, Double.

Description: Home stay - private bedroom, shared common areas; Furnished apartment - one or two bedrooms, may be shared, kitchen, bathroom, sheet, towels, utilities included (not telephone); Residence - fully furnished, one bedroom, sheets and towels, all utilities except telephone included.

Meals: Half board, Breakfast only, No meals.

Travel time to school: Within 20 minutes walking distance or easy reach by public transportation.

Airport pickup: No.

Accommodation Fees (Euros)

  Home stay Furnished flat
  Breakfast only Half board Single room Shared flat
1 week 175 - 225 230 - 265 170 - 315 175 - 230
Residence per day 50 - 80

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